The QNC has run a wide range of day outings and camps during the year and we would like to capture some of these activities in our annual calendar.  To this end, we are asking members to again submit photos from QNC outings to the QNC Calendar Photo Competition for the 2022 Calendar.  Photos can be from any QNC outing, regardless of when the outing occurred.


The competition rules are:


1.      Photos must depict natural history and be taken in association with club activities.


2.      Photos should be in JPG format and, where possible, in landscape orientation (there will be very limited space for photos in portrait orientation).  QNC may crop entries submitted with other ratios for display in the calendar.  Aspect ratio of 3:2 is desirable.  PLEASE NOTE there is a “Suggested guidelines for submission of images” attached below.


3.      Participants may submit up to 4 entries.


4.      Photos should be submitted by email with supporting information including location and species to: photo@qnc.org.au or sdoug7405@gmail.com Alternatively you can submit your photos on a clearly named memory stick at the August club meeting.


5.      Titles/captions are not necessary and will be at the club’s discretion.


6.      Photos will be printed to A4 size and displayed on the night of the September general meeting.


7.      Members will vote on the aesthetic and natural history merit of the images at the September club meeting.  We will create alternative electronic forms of voting for members, should general meetings still not be permitted.


8.      Entrants agree that the Club may use their photos for the 2022 calendar or in the Club newsletter, the QNC News.


9.      The photographer will be credited and copyright remains with the photographer.


10.  Entries will be accepted until 5 PM on Monday 13th September 2021.


11.  Council’s decision about inclusions in the calendar is final.


Suggested guidelines for submission of images



Our aim is not to preclude anybody’s participation here, but rather to aim to produce a quality product that might attract a larger audience.  Therefore, these are guidelines to be aimed at, rather than prescriptive.


Below you will find some suggested guidelines for the submission of images for the QNC archive and its publications.  They aim to make the work of getting these images up and onto the varied platforms a lot easier, and also with an aesthetic standard that will help promote the activities of the club.  The key issue is image resolution.  Most devices, including smart phones, now produce images that contain lots of megapixels.  However, problems arise when images are cropped and/or enlarged.  Consequently, the resolution of the image doesn’t mean much without the size and type of the final product in mind.  The standard resolution for photos to be printed is 350 dots per inch (dpi).  This means that within 1inch (~2.5cm) along one side of the image there should be 300 pixels (minimum). These are the requirements set by our printer.  Consequently, a 6” x 4” pint should be 1800 x 1200 pixels or 2.16 megapixels to assure the quality of finish required.  We have provided below a table that summarises suggested file sizes for the various platforms used by the club.  You will note we have set the minimum requirements for newsletter and Facebook at 2.1 megapixels to guarantee for some flexibility in uses we might put your creative output towards.




Size in inches

Image Resolution

Size (Megapixels)

(Cropped Image)

For Calendar

11” x 8”

3525 x 2475


For Newsletter

4” x 6”

1800 x 1200


For Facebook

4” x 6”

1800 x 1200





Thanks from the Calendar Team