Bird Calls of South-east Queensland

This is a single CD from Helen Horton. Calls on this CD also occur on the four CD set.

It is divided into two collections:

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A Collection of Australian Bird Calls

This set of fourCDs presents a selection of birdcalls collected over a number of years by Helen Horton. It does not cover all birds.

The location at which calls were recorded is stated in the accompanying text. Calls are listed in taxanomic order

The four CDs are:

  1. Non-passerine birds: Emu to Dollarbird - 97 tracks

  2. Passerine birds: Noisy Pitta to Brown Honeyeater -67 tracks

  3. Passerine birds: New Holland Honeyeaters to Black-faced Woodswallow - 60 tracks

  4. Passerine birds: Black Butcherbird to Silvereye and some birds of Norfolk and Lord Howe Islands - 49 tracks

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