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Description   Name and Link
Australian Naturalists Network   Register of Clubs
A site where observations can be posted for identification or information. Bowerbird: A place to share and discuss Australia’s biodiversity
A dynamic site with regular features on Australian natural history events.   Scribblygum - The ABC's Natural History site
A source of photographs and comment on Australian nature   Robert Ashdown's photographic blog
A source of Australian geophysical data. Geological maps are free   Geoscience Australia
An excellent source of photos and information for Brisbane's flora.   Brisbane Rainforest Action & Information
Information and activities for people interested in Australian native plants   Society for Growing Australian Plants(Qld)
Mainly Australian orchids - photos and details   Australian Terrestrial Orchids
Birds Australia is a society concerned with preservation of Australian birds   Birds Australia
Graeme Chapman - Natural History Photographer & Ornithologist   Graeme Chapman
QTFN creating Queensland's largest nature bank   Qld Trust for Nature
improving knowledge & conservation of Australian macrofungi   Fungimap - Australian Fungi
The definitive guide to the frogs of Australia   Frogs Australia
Lucid keys for  Flat mites,Anastrepha and Toxotrypana, Ants, Aphids and more......   ID Tools
WWF - Solutions to the key challenges facing our environment today   World Wildlife Australia
Preserving Australia's biodiversity by protecting the bush   The Australian Bush Heritage Fund
Devoted to describing the invading animals, plants and insects   Invasive Species Council
ANN is a network of  Australian Field Naturalists Clubs and natural history groups   The Australian Naturalists Network
Marine animals of the Tweed - Byron Coast, NSW Australia   Brunswick River Gallery
Promoting Geography throughout the Community   The Royal Geographical Society of Queensland
A quirky, entertaining and informative list of the elements   The Periodic Table of Videos - from Nottingham
An initiative to make Australia's biodiversity data accessible and useable   Atlas of Living Australia
United States Federal Efforts to Ensure Biodiversity. Lawshelf paralegal info.    The Endangered Species Act
Under one Millimeter Club   Institute for the promotion of less than one mm