Queensland Naturalists' Club Inc


Nomination for membership is open to all persons interested in natural history. Members may attend monthly meetings, take part in excursions, and borrow from the Club’s library of books, magazines and journals. Members receive copies of the Queensland Naturalist, QNC News and may contribute to Exhibits. For more information about the QNC         Click Here  

The current subscription rates are:

Single: $25. Family: $40. Student: $15. Junior: $15. [No GST to pay]

Inquiries and applications for membership may be addressed to:

Membership Secretary
P.O. Box 5663
West End Q. AUSTRALIA 4101

If you prefer, you can email the secretary at:   secretary@qnc.org.au

You can also attend one of our meetings and join there. If you have a printer attached to your computer you can print out the membership form in advance, by clicking here and fill it out. Bring the form to a meeting, or post it, with your cheque, to the Secretary.

You may email the form contents to our treasurer and pay by EFT.

Contact President: president@qnc.org.au      Secretary: secretary@qnc.org.au        QNC News Editor: news@qnc.org.au

Treasurer: treasurer@qnc.org.au                                               Excursion: excursion@qnc.org.au