Grant fromGambling Community Benefit Fund

Late last year the Queensland Naturalists’ Club was successful in receiving an $8000 grant from the Gambling Community Benefit Fund.

 The purpose of the grant was to upgrade the Club’s computer equipment to:

a)       reduce its reliance on other Clubs’ equipment,

b)       reduce its reliance on the use of members’ equipment,

c)       upgrade and replace old or inoperative equipment,

d)       provide current technology to enable the Club to run its business and meetings professionally, and

e)       facilitate high quality presentations, displays, publications and a website to further promote the Club’s activities and thereby increase membership.

The major items purchased were:

a)       a laptop computer and projector and associated equipment and software for use at the Club’s meetings and outings, and for special projects (e.g. production of publications), and

b)       a laptop computer and printer and associated equipment and software for use principally by the secretary to carry out the Club’s administration. The new printer includes a 1200 dpi colour scanner, fax, colour printing and colour copying so replaces the existing black and white photocopier and black and white printer.

The laptop and projector have been used at each of the monthly general meetings since the beginning of 2009. At these meetings guest speakers have utilised the equipment to give presentations on a range of natural history topics to audiences of up to sixty members and visitors. The new secretarial equipment is now being used for conducting the day-to-day business of the Club. An example of the use of the microscope attachment is shown in figure 1 below.

The new equipment will greatly assist the Club in meeting its objectives. On behalf of the Queensland Naturalists’ Club I’d like to express our gratitude to the Gambling Community Benefit Fund for their financial support.  I would also like to thank all members of the Club involved in writing the successful grant application, purchasing the equipment and complying with the conditions of the grant.


Leith B Woodall


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Figure 1: A magnified image of the under surface of a maidenhair fern, showing the fruiting structure (sorus), captured using the new equipment. The associated software allows for detailed measurements to be made and images to the easily labelled and used in presentations and publications. This image was presented by Harry Hines at the July 2009 general meeting to demonstrate the new equipment purchased from the Gambling Community Benefit Fund grant. The combination of the new computer equipment and the projector enabled the audience to clearly view this very small plant structure with excellent clarity.