Accessing Queensland Government Wildlife and Environmental Information

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Internet site

Species lists

  Wildlife Online - reserves and local government areas and user defined areas

  WetlandMaps - Report tool - current displayed extent, selected polygons, buffered polygons and drawn areas

  WetlandSummary - local government areas, basins and Natural Resource Management body regions

Species notes, documents and links


  A-Z of animals - insects, spiders, other arachnids and myriapoda, reptiles, frogs, sea life, fishes, crustaceans, mammals, molluscs and parasites

  Animals of Queensland

  Threatened Species

  Recovery and Conservation Plans

  Conservation plans

  Weeds, pest animals and ants - Weeds, pest animals, marine pests, exotic pest fish and invasive ants

  Species identification (fisheries) - Pest fish, freshwater fish, shark identification guide, common mangroves, inshore and estuarine species, reef fish web guide, deepwater fish guide, protected species, fish features and glossary of fish terms


  Weed Spotters Queensland Network

Wildlife data and species mapping

  WetlandMaps - Inventory tool (Species tab and Project Surveys tab)

  Koala mapping

Species Names

  Flora census

Species Images


  Image Collection - fauna


  WetlandMaps wetland mapping

  Mapping regional systems - vegetation survey and mapping

  Regional Ecosystem descriptions

  Regional Ecosystem Maps (REMAPS) or Regrowth Vegetation Maps and PMAVs



  Map of Referable Wetlands

Geographic information

  Environmental mapping and data online - apiary sites, areas of ecological significance, environmentally sensitive areas for mining and petroleum, SEQ Koala Habitat maps

  Data download service (Queensland Spatial Catalogue - QSpatial)

  Queensland Globe

  Queensland Spatial Catalogue