Type Date Description Person/Presenter Information
Meeting 15/5/2017 CT White Lecture What do we still not know? The “marine unknowns”, and why they matter. Dr John Hooper Australia is one of 17 megadiverse countries, together containing 70% of the world’s species, yet only around 150 thousand species have been described so far for all Australian territories and marine Exclusive Economic Zone, with an estimated 700 thousand to 1 million species predicted to live in our forests and seas. Of these known species only 34 thousand are marine, yet we lay claim to one of the world’s largest seabed areas of 13.9 million square km, illustrating how little we still know.
Excursion 27/5/2017 Colleges Crossing, Brisbane River Peter and Leith Woodall This is a short, “easy” outing, walking on a flat path for only a couple of kilometres in total. We will meet on the edge of the lagoon and then walk out on a spit of land between it and the Brisbane River. We should return to the cars at about 11.00 am. There is a good variety of birds here and also some interesting riparian vegetation with the insects this brings.
Excursion 3/6/2017 Greater Glider Conservation Area (GGCA), Alexandra Hills Susan Nelles
A 2 km easy walk, good track, gentle inclines in open Eucalypt bushland.
Bring morning tea,  Indigiscapes nearby has toilets and huge free environmental and music festival day 10am  - 4pm. Enjoy native animal displays, market and environmental stalls, native plant sales, arts and craft, fun for the kids, live music and more!
Meeting 19/6/2017 Mites: Miniature Beasts and where to find them Dr Owen Seeman Mites are the smallest animals with legs, allowing them to crawl into and exploit some of the most extraordinary habitats on animals, as well as more mundane places in the soil, on plants and in water. They can be beautiful or grotesque; they do things that seem extraordinary or revolting. After working on mites for about 25 years, Dr Seeman will expose the Acari (mites and ticks) to us and reveal some of his favourite mites, with special focus on his work on those mites which live intimately with beetles
Camp 24/6/2017 Noonbah SW Longreach and Edgbaston Reserve Peter & Lynette Haselgrove The trip will be to two properties in Central West Queensland. For the first week, we will stay at Noonbah, a grazing property owned by Angus and Karen Emmott. Noonbah is SW of Longreach and west of Lochern National Park. In the second week, we will be camping at a Bush Heritage property, Edgbaston Reserve, NE of Aramac. We expect to spend about six days at each place.  See:

QNC General Meetings

Learn about natural history at our meetings with talks presented by specialists from the club or from various scientific institutions, and from members exhibits. Visitors are welcome

When: 7:30 p.m. on the third Monday of each month, February to November inclusive

Note that each meeting will commence with the presentation by the guest speaker

Where: The Lecture Hall of the Royal Geographical Society of Queensland, 237 Milton Road, Milton

This is near the corner with Baroona Road and close to the Castlemaine Perkins (XXXX) Brewery. The main entrance is on Milton Road, at the end of the ramp adjacent to the Theological College. Convenient parking is available in adjacent streets. Parking is available in the college grounds a contribution of $3 is expected.

 Milton railway station is directly opposite the building. There is a pedestrian underpass from the station.


The Club arranges at about ten field excursions each year to locations of natural history interest and tours of specialist institutions such as the Queensland Herbarium or museums. They range in duration from short, half-day, local trips through week-end camps to longer excursions lasting from one to two weeks in more remote locations. Visitors are welcome on short excursions. 

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