QNC Events


Type Date Description Leader/Presenter Information
Excursion 14/12/2019 Christmas breakup
At Ann Tracey’s property
Ann Tracey From 3pm, until 8pm   at 269-285 Glynton Rd, Jimboomba. It is the last property on the right, at the dead end

Have a picnic and bring torches for night wildlife exploring. Explore the river if agile and adventurous.
Meeting 17/02/2020 AGM Sally Johnsen Presidents talk "Wildlife of East Diamond Island"
East Diamond Island, a coral cay south of Willis Island in the Coral Sea, does not get many visitors due to its isolation. When a group of us visited the island in November 2012, we were enthralled by the wildlife on this tiny cay in the middle of a vast ocean. This presentation will share the challenges faced when travelling to such a remote location and give a photographic overview of some of the wildlife that we saw.
Meeting 16/03/2020 Biocrusts Wendy Williams Biological soil crusts (biocrusts) form a “living skin” at the soil surface in many low-productivity ecosystems around the world including water- and cold-limited environments, and early-successional seres . They may be composed of any configuration of soil surface-dwelling cyanobacteria, eukaryotic algae, lichens, mosses or liverworts, and support assemblages of decomposers and a faunal food web. These soil surface communities have global relevance, as it has been recently estimated that they cover about 12% of the terrestrial surface currently.
Camp 5/4/2020 QNC 2020 Long Excursion Barney Hines Lonesome section of Expedition National Park
We will explore the sandstone country and Dawson River in the Acadia Valley via Injune, including Lonesome Holdings and Lonesome National Park, Bielba National Park (4WD access only), and Lake Nuga Nuga
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Meeting 18/05/2020 CT White Lecture
Andrew Franks Bryophytes are small, non-vascular plants, such as mosses, liverworts and hornworts. They play a vital role in regulating ecosystems because they provide an important buffer system for other plants, which live alongside and benefit from the water and nutrients that bryophytes collect.

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QNC General Meetings

Learn about natural history at our meetings with talks presented by specialists from the club or from various scientific institutions, and from members exhibits. Visitors are welcome

Where:    We meet at the Toowong Uniting Church Hall. This is located at 82 Sherwood Road, Toowong and is less than 200 metres from Toowong Village Shopping Centre, Toowong Railway Station & bus stops.

There is parking at 76 Sherwood Road for 12 cars.  Street parking is available.  Toowong Village parking is free  provided you enter after 6pm.

When: 7:30 p.m. on the third Monday of each month, February to November inclusive

Note that each meeting will commence with the presentation by the guest speaker.


The Club arranges about ten field excursions each year to locations of natural history interest and tours of specialist institutions such as the Queensland Herbarium or museums. They range in duration from short, half-day local trips through week-end camps to longer excursions lasting from one to two weeks in more remote locations. Visitors are welcome on short excursions. 

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