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Type Date Description Person/Presenter Information
Camp 25/1/2019 Australia Day camp  Cullendore High Country Murray & Jeanette Watson Our camp for the Australia Day long weekend will be to Cullendore High Country. This is a private 4000 acre working cattle property with 2000 acres set aside for camping and exploring. The property adjoins Maryland National Park and is within the Great Dividing Range half an hour from Warwick. We will be exploring various areas of the property and also visiting the National Park. There are lots of wallabies, wallaroos, kangaroos, plenty of birdlife and maybe a glimpse of the spotted tail quoll.
Meeting 18/2/2019 Annual General Meeting Neil Fordyce Presidential Address - “Rare and Vulnerable Species of the Northern Tablelands, NSW”
An introduction to the threatened species of the Northern Tablelands, New South Wales.
Excursion Friday


May change!
Samford Ecological Research Facility Matt Philipps & Barney Hines

The Samford Ecological Research Facility (SERF) is situated on a property that was bequeathed from Elizabeth ‘Pat’ Marks’ estate. Pat was a past president of the QNC and very active member. Long standing members may recall visiting Pat’s property in the early 1980’s for QNC breakups.

The outing will involve a walk around the property, followed by a supper and hopefully some moth trapping.

Bring a picnic meal.

Lots of information is found on the SERF website, including articles from the QNC: http://www.serf.qut.edu.au/

The club’s last outing to the site occurred in 1993 and is described here:


Meeting 18/3/2019 Australia’s dragonflies and damselflies and Dennis Reeves’ contribution to their study Chris Burwell The Odonata, comprising dragonflies and damselflies, is one of the best known groups of Australian insects in terms of their taxonomy. The vast majority of Australia’s species have been described and formally named. There are probably few completely new species awaiting discovery, but molecular techniques may well reveal hidden diversity within existing ‘species’. This is certainly not to say that there is little to learn about them; there are ample opportunities to better document their distributions and biologies. The late Dennis Reeves, a long standing member of the Queensland Naturalists, was a passionate odonatologist and amassed a huge collection of dragonflies and damselflies over many decades. This collection, numbering more than 6000 specimens, was donated to the Queensland Museum by Dennis and Joan Bryan in 2012, more than doubling the museums holdings. I will give a brief overview of Australia’s dragonflies and damselflies and will delve into Dennis’ contribution to their study.
Excursion 24/3/2019 Gold Creek Resevoir Chris Burwell - Senior Curator of Entomology, Qld Museum Following on from his talk earlier in the week (Monday 18th March), Chris Burwell will lead an outing to Gold Creek Reservoir, at the end of Gold Creek Road, Brookfield, in search of dragonflies and damselflies. The reservoir itself has a diverse fauna of species that breed in standing waters and Gold Creek, which snakes through riparian rainforest below the dam wall, features many species dependant on flowing water. Come and try your hand at capturing these aerial predators with hand nets, although we are unlikely to be collecting specimens. There should also be plenty of opportunities for photography. Binoculars are also strongly recommended, which can also be used for birding; almost 200 bird species have been recorded from the reservoir and surrounds.
Meet at the carpark at the very end of Gold Creek Road at 9:00am.

QNC General Meetings

Learn about natural history at our meetings with talks presented by specialists from the club or from various scientific institutions, and from members exhibits. Visitors are welcome

Where:    We meet at the Toowong Uniting Church Hall. This is located at 82 Sherwood Road, Toowong and is less than 200 metres from Toowong Village Shopping Centre, Toowong Railway Station & bus stops.

There is parking at 76 Sherwood Road for 12 cars., Street parking is available.  Toowong Village parking is free  provided you enter after 6pm.

When: 7:30 p.m. on the third Monday of each month, February to November inclusive

Note that each meeting will commence with the presentation by the guest speaker


The Club arranges at about ten field excursions each year to locations of natural history interest and tours of specialist institutions such as the Queensland Herbarium or museums. They range in duration from short, half-day, local trips through week-end camps to longer excursions lasting from one to two weeks in more remote locations. Visitors are welcome on short excursions. 

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