Dowse Lagoon

Excursion Sightings

The sightings accessed via URL have been lodged with the INaturalist organisation. is a joint initiative of the California Academy of Sciences and the National Geographic Society.
Naturalists are encouraged to join INaturalist and share photographic observations and obtain expert identification.

Date Excursion
22/06/2019 Dowse Lagoon Sandgate
21/07/2019 Glasshouse Mountains NP Scientific  Reserve No1
22/07/2020 Enoggera Reservoir  Ebird list and iNaturalist observations
26/07/2020 Dwyer's Scrub Conservation Park
23/01/2021 Foxbar Falls Excursion: Bird List; Plant List; Fauna List and iNaturlist Observations
Piper Comanche Excursion: iNaturlist Observations

Lists from previous excursions